Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Oni Threads' Mission & Vision

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Oni Threads' Mission & Vision


May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month—a time to celebrate, honor, and recognize the history, culture, and achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. This vibrant heritage has influenced and enriched the fabric of American society, and this month we shine a spotlight on their stories and contributions. At Oni Threads, our mission and vision are deeply connected to this celebration, as we strive to create a fusion of traditional Asian culture and contemporary fashion.

Oni Threads' Mission

At the heart of Oni Threads is a mission to promote self-expression, creativity, and empowerment through unique, samurai-inspired streetwear. We draw inspiration from various Asian cultural elements and aim to preserve and promote these influences within our designs. As we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we're proud to share our mission and passion for blending ancient traditions with modern fashion.

Oni Threads' Vision

Our vision is to foster a community of individuals who appreciate and celebrate the Asian cultural influences found within our clothing. We encourage dialogue and awareness around Asian heritage and history, providing a platform for our community to engage with and learn from each other. By contributing to the broader conversation during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we hope to strengthen our community's understanding and appreciation of Asian cultural heritage.


Old temple facade against mountain with stratovolcano at sundown
Old temple facade against the mountain with stratovolcano at sundown

Celebrating Asian Art and Culture through Oni Threads' Collections

Oni Threads is dedicated to creating collections that embody the essence of Asian art and culture. Our Suminagashi Collection, for instance, draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of paper marbling, resulting in vibrant and unique patterns that seamlessly combine tradition and modernity. With each collection, we showcase the fusion of Asian traditions and contemporary fashion, honoring the heritage that has inspired us.

Supporting Asian Pacific Communities

Oni Threads is committed to supporting Asian Pacific communities not only through our designs but also through collaborations and partnerships. We actively seek opportunities to work with Asian artists and designers, amplifying their voices and bringing their unique perspectives to our collections. Additionally, we aim to partner with organizations and initiatives focused on promoting Asian culture and supporting Asian communities. Through these efforts, we strive to uplift the diverse voices that make up the Asian-Pacific American experience during this Heritage Month and beyond.

Unrecognizable tourists walking near old Buddhist temple in city
Unrecognizable tourists walking near an old Buddhist temple in the city


As we continue to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, it's essential to honor and appreciate the vast contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Oni Threads remains dedicated to our mission and vision, weaving the rich tapestry of Asian culture into our designs and fostering a community that values this heritage. We invite you to explore our collections, engage with the stories behind our designs, and join us in celebrating the remarkable history and culture of the Asian-Pacific American community.

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