Our mission

Oni Threads was founded on a mission to bring samurai fashion to the 21st century. 

You are a warrior.

Oni Threads is a one-stop-shop for everything samurai: clothes and design. Oni Threads strives to inspire streetwear fashion through Japanese art history. You’ll find apparel with stunning patterns, vivid colors, and breathtaking designs.

You deserve to feel comfortable and look prodigious at the same time. From casual to semi-formal options, our hoodies, button-ups, and joggers are crafted for creative people. It's our duty to create clothing for everyone to enjoy through a bold fashion statement.

Whether you are a woman, a man, or non-binary, you deserve to dress and feel like a samurai. This is a community built on acceptance. And we will prove it to you every day.

What We Stand For


Everyone deserves accessible and inclusive fashion. Take pride in who you are and let it show through bold fashion statements. We're proud to provide clothing for everyone!


Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. You deserve to be confident and look great at the same time!


Shunryu Suzuki wrote Zen mind is a resting mind - we strive to embody these principles in all our fashion design. Oni Threads fashion is designed in a way that it will inspire you to make smart decisions about what you wear each day.

How We Do it

Samurai Influenced

Inspired by Japanese art history, wearing Oni Threads makes you feel empowered and bold. You'll stand out while still maintaining a sense of humility.

Effortless Style

You can effortlessly adapt our wardrobe to match any mood or occasion. Whether it's a casual day or an important meeting, our activewear never fails to make you feel like a badass!


What sets Oni Threads apart from other streetwear brands is our focus on quality materials, craftsmanship, original designs, and aesthetics.